IT Service Company Not Talking About the End of Support for Windows Server 2003?

Windows Server 2003

Has your IT service company been talking to you about the end of support for Windows Small Business Server 2003? They definitely should be, because running on that sever in just a few short months will lead to serious security risks.

Microsoft is getting ready to discontinue support for its Windows Server 2003 operating system, and your small business needs to stay ahead of the game and be ready to upgrade. If you’re not aware of the risks you’re facing, now is the time to pay attention and start talking to your IT service company about what’s next.

  • Time is Running Out

Making the switch to a new server involves carrying over your existing workload, and you need to start thinking about how you’re going to do that right away. Microsoft will be ending support for Windows Small Business Server 2003 on July 14th, 2015. Not being ready once the rug is pulled can throw you way off balance and do major damage to your network.

  • You’ll Put Your System at Risk

Unfixed security exposures and outdated software will become issues if you continue using Windows Small Business Server 2003 after support ends. Plus – third party products and applications that you’re using with the server will no longer be working properly, creating an even bigger issue for your network and leaving you with insufficient hardware.

  • Every System is Unique

You need to keep in mind while thinking of the changeover that deciding on an approach to lessen the risks can be difficult, and will depend on your unique IT environment. That’s why your business needs a reliable IT company to help direct the transition.

  • We Want to Help

We don’t want to give you all this information and then just leave you worried that you’re unprepared – we’re here to help. We’ll assist your company in devising a strategy to migrate from Windows Small Business Server 2003 by assessing the risks and considering your unique IT environment.

To learn more about the risks facing your small business when it comes to Windows Small Business Server 2003, contact On Time Tech.

Send us an email at or reach out by phone at (415) 294-5250.

Author: Lance Stone, Date: 2015-03-04

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