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Network Security Services In San Francisco & Bay Area

On Time Tech provides network security services and technology security for large and small companies throughout San Francisco, Oakland & Bay Area. Contact our network security company for top-notch solutions for your medium and small business. Protect your data today!

Network Security Monitoring for San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area Businesses

The landscape of the internet is drastically changing, and savvy hackers are constantly adapting their methods to steal and ransom your information.

There are daily reports of organizations large and small suffering from sometimes unrecoverable security breaches. You must consider the loss of reputation, clients, and money that can be caused by a security breach.

Everyone has some highly sensitive data within their computers and cloud services, all of which need comprehensive network and firewall protection. Additionally, many forms of data are required to have protection for compliance regulations. That can be in the form of client credit card, health, or company-owned intellectual property. Each organization should understand its obligations toward data integrity and protect it accordingly.

There has been a sharp increase in malicious attacks within recent years, and at On Time Tech, our network security company recommends that additional security services be implemented. Our full range of network firewall security services listed below will provide a stronger baseline of protection for your information. Additional cybersecurity services may be needed if your organization’s data triggers compliance obligations.

Safeguard Your San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area Business with Our Comprehensive Network Security Services


Fortify your business with our tailored security solutions. From network firewall security to penetration testing, backup, and more – we adapt to meet your unique needs, enhancing network performance, controlling network traffic, fortifying endpoint security, and much more. Our full range of network security services includes:

  • Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing – Provides specific web-based training to your staff on how to properly handle sensitive information as well as how to identify fake emails from hackers that can attempt to steal sensitive data. A well-informed and cautious staff is crucial to avoiding these regrettable mistakes and may subsequently reduce the organization’s liability.
  • Vulnerability Scanning – Scans assess weaknesses on the network that a hacker could utilize to steal data. Anything that connects to the internet (be it a laptop, a Wi-Fi-enabled security camera, or a printer) represents a door to your private network and data. This type of scan tests the locks on those doors. Understanding these entry points to the internal network is crucial to keeping data safe and enhancing your network firewall security efforts.
  • PII (Personal Identifiable Information) Scanning – Searches all company computers for unsecured data (e.g., credit card, social security, driver’s license numbers). Analyzing the locations of this sensitive data (which many hackers are targeting) and taking steps to safeguard it can greatly reduce the damage done by a breach.
  • Penetration Testing – This is a professional 3″1 party hacking attempt to determine any externally visible weaknesses. This test is required by many compliance/regulatory organizations as it is considered a comprehensive simulation of a malicious attack. The results of this proactive ” White Hat” test would give crucial insight into core vulnerabilities that can be addressed and fixed.
  • Active Dark Web Searches – Actively searches the Dark Web for any reference to your business domain and compromised passwords. We immediately alert you when something happens.
  • LastPass Team Edition (Password Management) Automated password management software increases staff productivity by automatically inputting passwords for websites and creating secure, complicated passwords on the fly. It also allows for centralized management of business-wide passwords and reporting on how frequently websites are logged into by staff members.
  • Advanced Anti-Virus – Artificial Intelligence-based anti-virus that can protect against the new Zero Day virus.
  • Mobile Device Management – Manage Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Enforce security, track devices, remote wipe, secure email containers, and add/remove applications.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – This greatly strengthens access to your applications like email and server access.
  • Single Sign-On – Provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or on a mobile device, for your employees, partners, and customers
  • Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection – Additional email protection, defends against malicious links and attachments by routing them through Microsoft’s data center. If a staff member accidentally clicks a malicious link or is sent an infected attachment, this service will block any threats that could come through
  • Microsoft Azure Log Analytics E2 Plan – Collects forensic information, change tracking, and health information about the network that can be used to analyze the source of a breach. Includes a component of the Azure Site Recovery service listed in item 7 below.
  • Microsoft Azure Rights Management – Email encryption as well as protection of tagged sensitive data for controlled access to information (eg, disallowing sensitive documents from being emailed outside of the organization or printed).
  • BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) – Cloud replication of servers to the cloud for a warm-standby environment, in case of a disaster. The current disaster recovery process involves restoring data remotely in the event of a total loss. This approach provides for the “flipping of a switch” to resume business service, thereby greatly reducing downtime.
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention) – DLP is a method of examining and preventing the movement of sensitive data outside an organization’s secure perimeter. Data loss prevention (DLP), also known as data loss or leak protection, describes systems and technologies designed to detect potential data breaches or attempts to move data outside an organization’s secure storage and systems, and beyond its control.
  • DLP refers to specialized network security monitoring that includes the identification and surveillance of sensitive data to ensure that it is only accessed by authorized users and that there are safeguards against data leaks. The prevention aspect comes into play as such systems monitor, detect, and then block access to or transmission of sensitive or proprietary data and information.
  • Disk Encryption – is a technology that protects information by converting it into unreadable code that cannot be deciphered easily by unauthorized people. Disk encryption uses disk encryption software or hardware to encrypt every bit of data that goes on a disk or disk volume. Disk encryption prevents unauthorized access to data storage.
  • DNS Security – A domain-blocking service to block websites or non-Web servers visited based upon categories, allowing control over the type of sites that may be accessed. The categories can be overridden through individually managed blacklists and whitelists.
  • SIEM (Security Information Events Management) – A system that centralizes the storage and interpretation of logs and allows near real-time analysis, which enables security personnel to take defensive actions more quickly. That data is collected into a central repository for trend analysis and provides automated reporting for compliance and centralized reporting. By bringing these two functions together, SIEM systems provide quicker identification, analysis, and recovery of security events. They also allow compliance managers to confirm they are fulfilling an organization’s legal compliance requirements.


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Each organization has its own unique needs, but there is always an inherent risk associated with unsecured data of any type. On Time Tech’s full range of network security services help significantly mitigate or eliminate those risks.

Protect your business with confidence by partnering with the leading network security company in San Francisco, Oakland, and Bay Area. Contact On Time Tech now for premium network security services, tailored to suit your evolving needs. Your security is our priority!


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