Computer Consultants in San Francisco Bay Area

Support Desk Technician

No stranger to the tech industry, Stanley has close to 20 years of IT experience. He has been a Support Desk Technician with On Time Tech since 2016, and assists clients with all issues ranging from removing viruses to helping with larger projects such as email migrations. Stanley really finds satisfaction when he can connect to a client’s computer and assist them live, and enjoys just about anything that can make a personal computer run more efficiently.

Stanley’s interest in computers began at a very young age when he got his first computer, an XT, playing basic games on it like Nibbles and Gorilla.bas on QBasic. He then fell in love with hardware as the demand for better and better machines arose due to software.

When Stanley isn’t working, he spends his time PC gaming and loves cars and relaxing with his family. He also enjoys being a father, cat lover, and a Trekkie, and his favorite movies of all time include The Terminator and Back to the Future collections.