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Smartphones have become an indispensable component of our lives in the current digital era. Unfortunately, thieves are drawn to them as well. There are ways to leverage technology in the event that you become a victim of phone theft to improve your chances of getting your stolen phone back and apprehending the offender. Here is a guide on using your phone to apprehend a phone thief.

Preparing Your Phone for Tracking

Prepare your phone for possible tracking before you confront the sad event of phone theft. Make sure location services are activated on your smartphone; doing so will help you subsequently find the stolen phone. 

Additionally, make a note of the specific IMEI number for your phone, which may be obtained from the box or by typing *#06# on the keyboard. In order to report the theft to the police and your service provider, you will need the IMEI number.

Setting Up Security Measures

A strong offense of security measures is the greatest protection against phone theft. Create a strong passcode, or better yet, use a biometric authentication method like fingerprint or face recognition. The data on your phone will be harder for criminals to access as a result. When logging into critical accounts, you should also think about utilizing two-factor authentication for additional security.

Turn on the “Find My iPhone” function for iPhones, and turn on “Find My Device” or any other comparable tracking features that are available for Android devices. In the event of theft, you can use these services to locate your phone.

Tracking the Thief

Act rapidly if your phone is taken. Log into the tracking service you already set up using a friend’s or family member’s phone or computer. The tracking service will display the last known position of your stolen phone on a map. If the phone is still moving, you may follow its whereabouts in real time to assist you identify the culprit.


Notifying Authorities

Contact the local authorities and provide them with all the facts, including the IMEI number and the most recent location from the tracking service, as soon as you have knowledge about where your stolen phone is. It’s perilous to face the robber alone, so don’t do it. Leave the matter in the hands of the experts.

Activating Remote Wipe

It’s possible that the location of your stolen phone is unknown to you or that its recovery is unlikely in some circumstances. It’s critical to safeguard your personal information in such circumstances. 

To remotely delete all of your sensitive information, use the remote wipe tool offered by the tracking service for your device. This guarantees that your data will be protected even if the thief has access to your phone.

Additional Tips for Recovering Stolen Phones

  • Please inform your service provider: Tell your service provider about the theft so they may ban the IMEI of your phone and prevent anybody from using it, including the thief, from doing so.
  • Track your phone covertly: If you suspect the identity of the thief, utilize the tracking tool carefully to gather proof before contacting the police.
  • Share the event on social media to spread the word and encourage your followers and friends to keep a watch out for any strange behavior surrounding your stolen phone.

The Power of Technology in Combating Phone Theft

The likelihood of retrieving stolen phones has considerably risen thanks to technology. Strong security measures, remote wiping capabilities, and tracking services have become effective tools for thwarting phone theft. However, it’s essential to constantly be on guard, take precautions, and respond quickly in the event of theft.

If you have a work phone that saves important data from your business, it is important to have it protected in the best way possible, with a backup plan ready for the worst-case scenario. On Time Tech helps with providing these types of security measures to help you feel secure against theft. Contact us now!

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