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The Need For NIST Compliance

Many falsely assume that being NIST Compliant is important in and of itself, and for no other reason. That it’s only important to be compliant so that you avoid the consequences of noncompliance, like fines and audits. The truth is that a failure to stay NIST Compliant can also affect your sales and growth as a business – if this is news to you, then read out to find out how.

It is suprising to think that compliance has considerations other than just compliance, right?

So much of the discussion around any type of compliance is rooted in the importance of avoiding the fines, audits, and other consequences that come from failing to be compliant.

The truth? That’s not the whole story.

We recently had a client get in touch with us because they needed help becoming NIST Compliant. No, they hadn’t just had to pay a big fine. No, they weren’t in the middle of a tedious government audit.

Why did they need our help?

Because they were trying to sell to a big business but lost the sale because they weren’t NIST Compliant. They had recently begun marketing to larger and larger businesses but had hit a ceiling when it came to NIST Compliance.

And so, it became clear that they had to become compliant, and quickly – so they got in touch with the On Time Tech team.

What about you? Are you reaching the point where you’ll need to be compliant as well? If this is your first foray into NIST, don’t be fooled – it’s not a simple process…

Why Is NIST Compliance So Complicated?

Put simply? Because there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

People who need to know about NIST tend to harbor a lot of misconceptions about compliance. Many tend to assume at least one of the following assumptions about NIST Compliance is true – do you?

  • Becoming NIST Compliant is inordinately expensive
  • A business can be too small to have to bother with NIST Compliance
  • If you don’t work for the government, then you don’t need to be NIST Compliant
  • You’re already out of time to become NIST Compliant because it’s past deadline

The problem with this line of thinking? Not a single one of these statements is true!

That’s the thing about NIST Compliance: there is so much misinformation about how it works, how it applies to businesses, and how the process of compliance actually works.

The fact is that, because there is no set NIST Certification, the onus is put you on to essentially “self-certify”. The thousands and thousands of businesses that fall under NIST are expected to comply willingly, maintain comprehensive and detailed documentation, and be straightforward and honest in their compliance practices.

What’s The Better Way To Become NIST Compliant?

The best way to get this process started is to work with a third party that knows the ins and outs of NIST 800-171, and how to go about becoming compliant.

On Time Tech has experience successfully completing NIST 800-171 Assessments, IT Security Audits, and delivering Cyber Security best practices consulting in both private and public sector environments of all sizes.

Why do so many government contractors choose On Time Tech for their NIST SP 800-171 compliance needs?

Our team is proud to deliver:

  • The expertise, experience, and a price even small businesses can afford
  • One easy done-for-you consulting package to get you the answers you need quickly, the tools to become compliant, and a company who will be there to help with questions and implementation as needed.
  • Continuing compliance assistance as needed to help you stay compliant and be there for you if a compliance issue or breach– occurs.

Our streamlined assessment process can guide you through becoming compliant in as little as one day – all you have to do is reach out to our team.

We’ll provide a NIST certification in everything but name – while you may not have a fancy plague or diploma announcing your NIST certification to each and every prime contractor you do business with, you’ll still have the confidence knowing you’re fully compliant – and that you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

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