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Actify has worked with On Time Tech for over a year, and we utilize their system monitoring, back ups and network engineering personnel on a regular basis. We also utilize other members of their staff, including voice and data specialists for larger projects such as site relocations. When first engaging with On Time Tech, the current IT Manager was out on medical leave and On Time Tech really stepped to the plate. They were facing quite a historical mess left behind by other sub par technical service providers. The posed risks with the configuration back then were many, from security to complete data loss. On Time Tech came in, quickly and accurately evaluated what was in place and made recommendations that were highly customizable depending on Actify’s threshold for risk and expense. One of the items that On Time Tech was able to quickly execute on was setting up 3 identical firewall hardware appliances. Two of those are in the US and the third is in India. From the time On Time Tech made the hardware recommendations to the time the units were up and running was very short and we had few to no problems with them. On Time Tech maintains a very high level of satisfaction with Actify due to many qualities:

  • They are able to make multi-level recommendations on solutions ranging in cost and complexity and furthermore can offer clear explanations of each
  • They are extremely reliable and efficient, they are there when they say they will be there, or they call ahead if running late.
  • They are confident in their work, they would never do anything “experimental” on our production systems.
  • They never panic regardless of how bleak things can get, such as a hardware failure.
  • Their pricing is market rate, but considering their experience and wonderful client service it really feels like a bargain.

When Actify was faced with a relocation of their HQ offices there were so many pieces of the IT puzzle that we did not have a handle on. On Time Tech were very thorough and dispatched different specialists to meet with our leasing agents and riser management companies. They put in so many exhaustive hours in the planning phases and on top of that worked extended hours on our move weekend so that come Monday morning it was business as usual for our engineering team. Their dedication meant no downtime or extra expense due to engineers not being able to work. When On Time Tech first came to Actify, our production servers were monitored and there were back ups in place, however the methods did not utilize up to date technologies and left us open for data loss. On Time Tech’s regular monitor and back up services have us on the road to a real DR plan with an exponential decrease in the time it would take us to be back online should a mishap occur. The cutting edge tools that On Time Tech uses are beneficial to us and quite a comfort. On Time Tech also allows us as the client to view these services at work on our production systems anytime. There is no hidden part to the puzzle. We are able to login and see all of the monitors and back up status. The effort that On Time Tech puts into staying abreast of current technologies and testing these processes prior to release really puts them ahead of other technical service companies. After working closely with On Time Tech I know they would never leave us in a bad spot, and that’s what it’s all about!

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