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We’ll treat your business right!

Are you coming to us from one of our competitors? Or maybe, your business has grown to the point that you need to outsource IT help. Whatever the case, we’ve got the line of services you need, and… We’ll treat you right.

Do you feel like IT is a big “black box” – a mystery in operation and benefits?

We get it. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of technology and ask yourself, “Is all this tech really helping me, or just wasting my time and money?” We know how you feel. We’ve helped dozens of business leaders work through those same questions. What we’ve found is…

The right IT services can BOOST your business!

It’s true. We give you the ability to use secure, stable IT, access the daily support you need, AND avoid those huge break/fix bills. We offer you fixed-monthly payment plans and will keep your business productive by working for you 24/7. By choosing On Time Tech to handle your IT services, you are adding value to your business.

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    • Current IT Provider


      Has finding the right IT Support company for your San Francisco or Los Angeles business been a major frustration for your company?

    • ottCloud

      Are you looking for a proven method to reduce your overall IT services expenses? Have you thought about "The Cloud?"

    • ottVoip

      Need a new telephone system that brings the greatest new features without the hefty price tag?

    • ottMed

      Uncertain about your readiness to pass your next HIPAA audit? Need a San Francisco Bay Area IT company who specializes in healthcare?

    • Network Security


      Is Data Security top of your business IT priority list? Need a better network security solution?

    • IT Services Fnancial


      Buried under a mountain of financial industry compliance paperwork? Technology issues slowing you down?

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